Classic Edition


The classic turtle is embellished with a selection of vintage buttons. A backward glance to haute couture.


Vintage surf neoprene inspires high twist cotton with supreme wearer comfort.


The crew neck that allows for effortlessness or luxury depending on your mood.


This is the ultimate block striped summer cotton style to be combined with high waisted styles.

Bobby No.1

Karin's fisherman's knit is refreshed by a surprise combination of unconventional colour and volume. Soft lavender, or periwinkle...


The belted wool jacket is a trans-seasonal style available year around.

RivaXVIII and ManonXIII

Vest RivaXVIII in high twist cotton and shortsleeve ManonXIII in black and white is a simply delightful and cool combination all at the same time.

Bobby soft

Bobbysoft is one of Karin's trans-seasonal styles. Enjoy the new bi-colour multi twist yarn.

The classic edition 2019 of Karin Rocke explores volume, proportion and technique in trans-seasonal styles.


Photography: Alex Weber
Model: Lena Werner/Megamodels


Tonal Twists
Combining colour, contrasting textures and materials with a retro feel, engages the collection with times past. Modern volume, oversize and long versus short and narrow, fuzzy and playful against sleek and sophisticated, confident block stripes contrasting with elegant material mixes and subtle textures, realises a contemporary dynamic look and spirit. Warm sensuous antique rose, burgundy, amethyst and ruby complement light tones  of cool azure and urban grey marl. – A collection that combines effortlessness with luxury.


Into the Sun
Memories of days spent on the beach: blue skies above, the sand beneath your feet. A sense of romance with light flowing fabrics and playful tailoring for Spring/Summer 2018.
Fresh maritime colours like navy, coral and palm green meet buttery yellow and lustrous gold.
Exquisite cashmere and delicate Crêpe de Chine re-imagine the classic nautical style. Together with high-quality cotton yarns, they create a carefree and sophisticated elegance.


Clean Lines
The Autumn/Winter collection 2017/18 – distinct silhouettes, graphic elements and strong colours crafted in exquisite materials. New colours burnt sienna and cherry blossom pink, together with classic navy, smoky grey and creamy ivory are both elegant and wearable. The collection’s accent colour remains a rich ruby red. This timeless collection creates a distinctive, carefree nonchalant look.


Casual Couture
The 2017 Spring/Summer Collection celebrates the lightness of endless summer days and a love of the exceptional. Each design is a distinctive mix of innovative materials, modern sportswear and couture elements. A collection of effortless casual elegance. Soft, muted colours like olive, ivory and sand appear fresh and light when combined with white, red and azure.


Sweet Cool