long-lasting / subtle

My fashion is easy to wear and to combine. It is made to suit every woman, of every silhouette, and to enhance her individual feeling of well-being. Special pieces, that you treasure and hold on to. Relaxed and timeless. Eternally beautiful. For many years – maybe even forever. 

together / responsible

Since 2015 I work hand in hand with carefully chosen producers to realize my designs. Our common appreciation of materiality and first-class workmanship unites us. As well as our uncompromisingly high standards. Deep mutual trust, developed over many years, has created a shared sense of community. 

selective / local 

The collections are exclusively produced in Germany and Italy, in small specialist workshops that make use of both ultra-modern and time-honoured techniques. Short distances are a part of my philosophy. I source high-quality materials with great care, an ever-greater number of which are certified organic.

evolved / inspired

From the Alster to the Seine and back: After studying fashion design in Hamburg and later working over 10 years in the studio of Yves Saint Laurent alongside creatives such as Stefano Pilati, I honed my craft in knitwear and fluid jersey pieces. My handwriting has matured over time, while I constantly seek to deepen my understanding of materials and yarn. Experimenting with them, reinterpreting them... to create the most beautiful silhouettes.